Huset's Speedway South of Brandon, is not enjoying what was to be a special season. The owners were set to have a memorable year promoting the track's 60th anniversary season.

There were plans in place for special events to center around the rich history of this famous racing facility. On the contrary, 2014 has been a disaster so far.

Five of the eight scheduled events have been cancelled due to weather related issues. Most recently the Father's Day special due to flooding from the weekend rain.

Then on Monday heavy rain caused the adjacent river to flood over. And now the track is under water. Is Huset's done? That's what some are thinking.

The official answer is NO. Huset's is not done. It will stay open for action. That's according to track owner Steve Rubin, who says the target is Sunday to be racing.

It's bad, but he's seen worse in 1993. And in that season the track stayed in operation.

The Rubin family, now in their 27th year of owning the track, is working around the clock so the gates can open.