As we enter the month of March, the basketball fever is beginning to hit us all.

Weeks away from the start of this year's NCAA Tournament, the field has never been as wide open as it is this season.

With seemingly every week, the new #1 goes down, parody is a understatement on how to describe this years group of top teams in College Basketball.

Indiana has lost three times this season while ranked #1 and we could see Gonzaga as the #1 team in the country for the first time in school history this week.

The #4 ranked Michigan Wolverines lost this week to Penn State who had not won a Big 10 game all year long.

Duke, Syracuse, Miami, Georgetown, Florida, Arizona, Louisville and many more have shown signs of greatness, but only to turn around and lay a egg in a game that they should dominate.

Underdog after underdog has had the opportunity to see their fans storm the court this year after a monumental upset.

Listening to analysts, coaches and players, there is no clear cut elite team in the game and the consensus is growing more and more that this year's tournament is going to be the most exciting of all time considering all the possible "upsets" we may see.

Its not out of the range of possibilities that we could see our highest seeded team ever win the National Championship or even see the overall #1 seed win.  That's how many questions surround this crop of teams.

Usually, during the conference tournaments, we are able to see what teams are gaining momentum for a deep run in March, but momentum has been thrown out the window this season with all the unheard of upsets and let downs throughout the country.

The best medicine for this month of basketball madness is to sit back, strap on the seat belt and get ready for a great ride.