The Philadelphia Phillies are a mess.

A shell of what they were not too long ago when they were constant NL East contenders and two time World Series participants in back to back years.

Things are much different than 2008 when the Phillies were a top the baseball world winning their second title in franchise history.

Currently, Philadelphia is in the basement of the NL East and have been irrelevant for a few years now.

It is time to cut loose anyone who makes significant money on that roster, ASAP.

Im talking about guys like Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon who combined are making  over $36 million this season.

Im looking at you Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz who combined make over $43 million this season.

The time is now to move on and rebuild while cashing in on something in return from the trade market for those aforementioned players.

In the cases of Hamels and Papelbon, let's be fair, they are having good starts to 2015, but the salary accompanied with the current position in the standings leads only one decision to be made. Move em.

Howard has had a ok start, but if you could find anyone nutty enough to relieve you of his $25 million dollar salary then you jump for joy and take what ever kind of jock straps and baseballs they are willing to trade in return.

And lets also say Chase Utley is a bit slow off the start line this year with his .188 batting average. Great player overall throughout his career, but he is just not trending in the right direction.

They have already moved a cornerstone to their success in the late 2000's by trading Jimmy Rollins to the LA Dodgers.

As the trade deadline approaches this summer and even as of now, I'd expect the Phillies to be very active in the trade market.

It would surprise me if all of the above names aren't at least rumored to be moved and or actually traded this season.

The Philadelphia 76ers are essentially losing to hopefully win someday and it seems fitting the Phillies may end up using the same formula.

For the sake of that intense fan base, lets all hope the next title comes quicker than the last gap for Phillies fans that spanned 28 years.