Former NFL Running Back Jamal Lewis joins Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime.

Lewis is a 10-year NFL veteran that played for Cleveland and Baltimore. In his career, he rushed for 10,607 yards, and 58 touchdowns. He won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2002.

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What was Jamal Lewis' reaction to Ray Rice striking and knocking his wife, Tanay unconscious in an elevator back in February? 

"When I saw it, my reaction at first was 'wow,' because the only video we saw from the beginning was just the piece of him getting off of the elevator. So, it's always been a thought of mine, what actually happened? I don't want to say judgments until what actually happened when they were on the elevator. The world got a glimpse of that yesterday. I think just about everybody probably would be in shock."

How could the NFL not have received the video before previously suspending Rice for two-games? 

"Well I think basically before they suspended him, I would of thought they would have done full diligence with what happened. I think if him coming off of the elevator was all they had, and all they had to go on, then I think they did the right thing by going ahead and giving him his punishment. At same time, I think when everything that came out yesterday with the other video, that's when it really hit home that hey, we can't just have this in this league. I think that possibly the organization and league basically saw."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league never saw the videotape. For more analysis on Rice, Sam interviewed former NFL veteran Rocky Boiman earlier on Tuesday.

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