Former NFL Running Back Jamal Lewis joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1 to discuss Ray Rice's two-game suspension. 

Lewis is a 10-year NFL veteran that played for Cleveland and Baltimore. In his career, he rushed for 10,607 yards, and 58 touchdowns. He won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2002.

Lewis dealt with some legal trouble while with the Ravens in his career, and he tells Overtime listeners what Rice is going to have to do earn back the respect of his teammates and fans: 

"Well I think it is putting everything behind him first of all and you know being the player he is. Things that happen off the field, they happen off the field. Everybody doesn't have the full report of really what happened and what it is. Obviously the league and everybody else has pretty much evaluated that and they've reprimanded him for that and everything else. So, that's done. But at the same time for Ray Rice, his whole thing is kind of to focus on he got a two-game suspension and hey, it's just bettering yourself in those two games and outside of that being ready to come back and go full force and gets back on the field."

Did the NFL do too much, too little, or just right in regards to handing Rice a two-game suspension? 

"Well you know for me not really following it as much, basically because the media throws too much on it and you get everybody else's opinion and everything else. But I think that is between him (Rice) and his fiance, or soon-to-be-wife. I think that's between them with what they have going on and what they think whatever they going on so that nothing happens again or nothing else occurs. The league, they suspend him two games and I think they've evaluated the process enough to know to say, hey look, this is what he deserves and hey, if they feel right about it, then I am the one to judge and nobody else is one to judge in what they actually do. Everybody is going to have something to say. Nothing is going to be right. If they give him a 10-game suspension, somebody will say, oh that's not enough, and too much...exactly, and I think the suspension he got at two games, he loves the games, to play, his team, and to be around them. Trust me, that is enough punishment. Also the fine they are going to give him is way over those two games...600,000 grand is going to hurt him a lot. I think missing the game is going to hurt him more than just the money. You know. I think he is going to learn from this, move on, and it's going to make him a better person and in his household as well. So, hopefully like myself, you learn from these situations that happen and everybody around you learns as well and you keep just move on."

Rice did speak to the media today at Ravens Training Camp, and he said, "I made the biggest mistake in my life," after being arrested in the offseason for aggravated assault.

Listen to the full interview with Lewis, here:

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