Former NFL Running Back Jamal Lewis joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Lewis is a 10-year NFL veteran that played for Cleveland and Baltimore. In his career, he rushed for 10,607 yards, and 58 touchdowns. He won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2002 as well.

Lewis on his Super Bowl experience:

"It was a good time. Down in Tampa, it was really more of a focus. It was about really trying to make sure where we need to be and hone in on the game plan, and what we had to do on the New York Giants."

Lewis on if he participated in any fun activities during Super Bowl week:

"Some guys did, but I pretty much didn't do anything and stayed in my hotel and treated it as a business trip. That's how Brian Billick wanted us to do it, to treat it like a business trip because you know what's at hand, what you wanted to accomplish and make sure at the end of the game, you left no stone at the turn. That's why I stayed put, and focused on what my job was."

To hear the full interview of Lewis on Overtime, listen below: