I found myself asking this question, so don't think it's not one that many other I'm sure have asked this year.

Is James McCann related to Brian McCann?

The quick answer is no.

But there are certainly some major reasons why people are asking that question.

Of course both have the same last name, but the difference in age of seven years, Brian being 31 and James being 24, does have some initially suspecting maybe brothers or cousins.

Both are from the southeastern part of the United States.

Furthermore, both McCann's play catcher in the major leagues, with Brian playing for the New York Yankees and James plays for the Detroit Tigers.

And to be honest, when you look at them side by side, they look as if there could be some relation.

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But again, no relation between the two Major League catchers who just happen to have the same  last name.

For James McCann's sake, he better hope he has a successful career like Brian McCann otherwise he will just be another McCann.