Sony will kick of a new year of instant game collection goodness in January with a host of strong offerings for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony detailed all the new titles being given away for free to PS+ subscribers on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita. First, PS4 owners will be treated to Klei's Don't Starve, where you'll have to fight for your survival in a wild world full of monsters. PlayStation 3 subscribers get two of 2013's most memorable (for better or worse) games. Both BioShock Infinite and DMC: Devil May Cry will join the IGC over the course of the month, where they'll be joined by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The Vita's offerings may not be as marquee, but free games are free games. Worms: Battle Island and Smart As... will be available to everyone with a PS+ sub.

Remember, if you have one PS+ subscription, you can get anything offered as long as you have the console. You don't need a subscription for each of Sony's platforms. While none of the games have specific release dates for PS+ just yet, knowing what's on the horizon is good enough... for now. Hopefully the wait for titles like Don't Starve and DMC: Devil May Cry won't be long though.