Jarrett Payton, son of Walter Payton, joined Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime from Radio Row in New York City.

Payton played one season in the NFL in 2005 with the Tennessee Titans.

Payton on growing up with his dad, the great Walter Payton.

"As kid it was cool because not only did you have your father or the person you looked up to, you had a superhero in your living room. For a long period of time, I thought it was cool, and my friends thought it was cool, he was also grounding me, so, it wasn't like he was so cool. I'll be honest, I had my leader, the person I looked up to, and fortunate to have him for 19 years of my life. I'm truly blessed and every day goes by of what we would be doing together as a father and son duo, and now, everyday, I manage his Facebook account, which I took over seven years ago. 30,000 likes at that moment, and just hit over a million. He's not here, we don't promote anything, it's just off people liking the page and feeling connected to him. To me it's pretty special and I really take it to heart being his son."


Payton on how much football he talked with his dad, Walter:

"When my dad came home, their wasn't a lot of football talk. Just me getting grounded, but also, I didn't play organized football until my junior year of high school. I played soccer when I was four years old to my junior year. Going into my junior year was my first year playing organized football and not just in back playing two hand touch. My dad wanted coaches to let them coach me, and be   like, 'I'm good, I'm just going to watch from afar.' We did watch some football going into my senior year, but at that time, my dad was sick, too, so, he was dealing with liver disease. It was kind of hard and I was thinking about him, and it gave us moments to sit back and talk to each other. Coming down to the end of his life, that is when we started to talk football."

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