Jason Derulo is slowly, but surely claiming is rightful place in the R&B world.

When he first hit the scene I thought he was just a carbon copy of Chris Brown. In the music business when something hits big, then every record label wants their version of it.

While I always like Jason, I always that he was runner up to Chris.

Lately though, I think he really is proving himself to be his own artist.

(Plus, it didn't hurt that Chris has had some trouble with the law and public opinion of him has really changed.)

In Jason DeRulo's latest video he colorfully asks women to talk dirty.  He gets an assist from 2 Chainz and the song is a hit.

And while as a bit of a feminist, I should probably be offended by this song. (Especially the 2 Chainz part) But I'm choosing to have fun with this song instead.