There was once a time when Jason Kidd, was refereed to as "Ason Kidd", solely because some said he was nothing more than a passing point guard.

Early in his career, that may have been true, but Jason Kidd turned out to be so much more than that!

Kidd is a 10 time NBA All-Star, and led the NBA in assists in 5 season during his great run in the league.

Playing for the New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks, Kidd made a true impact across the league.

In addition, all those assists started adding up and currently leave Kidd second all-time only behind the great John Stockton.

And as for that problem shooting the jumper, Jason Kidd worked diligently to improve his "J", and did he ever.  There was a stretch where his 3-point percentages were near the top of the league and was feared from behind the arch.

Kidd will leave the NBA with all those accolades and furthermore, two Olympic Gold Medals and a NBA Championship!