Throughout the year we get caught up in our daily lives, taking for granted all the joys we experience each and every day.

Usually around the Holidays, most of us get an opportunity to spend time with family, have some time off to reflect and start to ponder the year that was.

Each year, I fall into the same trap as most, over looking all that has made me happy and joyful while taking for granted all the things I’m thankful for.

So do me a favor… Take some time and do as I have, look back, reflect and think about what you are thankful for this year!

As we march toward Christmas, I present my 15 Days of Thanks!

Day 4:

Most of you can relate to this, working in a environment that is not conducive to your success. Whether that is a boss you don't get a long with,low pay or just a lousy work place, it can make life unbearable at times.

Personally, I am extremely lucky to work for TownsquareMedia/ResultsRadio here in Sioux Falls.

And no I'm not trying to get a raise, in all seriousness you couldn't think of a better boss than Don Jacobs.

As the General Manager or Results Radio, Don always has the best interest of the employees and the company while always making us feel like we are important and valuable.

South Dakota Broadcasters Association

Obviously though, it starts with Don Jacobs, but it certainly doesnt end there.  From Dave Roberts to Roger Currier to Scott McGuire to JD Collins to Anthony Wright to Karla Brown to Rick Fink to Jason Davis to Andy Erickson, the entire sales and administrative staff and to all the other on and off air talent, this place truly has a great core of employees that makes coming to work a joy.

My job is legit. Talking sports for a living is a dream come true.  But you can ask other media members throughout the country and most would agree that my job situation, working in this environment, under these conditions is not the norm.  I know I am lucky, and I am very thankful for that!