Throughout the year we get caught up in our daily lives, taking for granted all the joys we experience each and every day.

Usually around the Holidays, most of us get an opportunity to spend time with family, have some time off to reflect and start to ponder the year that was.

Each year, I fall into the same trap as most, over looking all that has made me happy and joyful while taking for granted all the things I'm thankful for.

So do me a favor... Take some time and do as I have, look back, reflect and think about what you are thankful for this year!

As we march toward Christmas, I present my 15 Days of Thanks!

Day 1:

So many times as I am on the road or busy as can be at work and its a lock that I can put a smile on my face when I think of my 3 dogs & cat as they are truly a joy in my life.

Any of you who have pets at home can relate.  Always happy to see you when you get home, never knowing how long your day was, but just always ready to brighten up your day.

Here's a look at the zoo at the Thurn household...

AVA - She's the oldest.  She will be 8 this year and has been spoiled from the start.  Nothing this dog wont eat either.

Bentley - Yes, we named our cat after a luxury car.  And no, I'm not a cat guy, probably wouldn't like your cat, but I love mine! The thing acts like a dog but leaves us alone like a cat.  And here's a theme, he'll eat anything too!

Clarke - She is gem.  We found her in the alley behind our house when we were living in Tennessee and she had been beaten and certainly hadn't ate anything in days.  We brought her into our home planning on finding her a good home.  Well, we did.  It was ours. She's a mama's girl who's age is undetermined.

Dawg - Yes, we named our dog, Dawg.  Well, actually we didn't name it Dawg, the homeless guy who was about to get arrested had named it "Da Dawg".  One night in Tennessee, we were walking out of the Red Rooster Restaurant only to see a homeless guy highly intoxicated, with a "Dawg" that would be put to sleep upon his arrest.  We took it home again, with hopes of finding it a good home.  BINGO, we did, it was ours!