In any line of the entertainment industry, the stories of success are usually incomplete as they usually show the story of the person on camera or behind a mic instead of all the people behind the scenes that make the finished product as special as it can be.

Weekdays in my life, that person who stirs our drink that is a three hour radio show called Overtime is one Gerald Palleschi, better known as Jerry Palleschi and even more known as Jerry P.

My producer and logical one of the group, literally is the glue that keeps the show running smooth and adds so much to the entertainment value of our show.

In radio, a good producer can be hard to come by and when you find one you are worried all the time that the next big name in your area or region will scoop them up and leave you with a dude who cares more about Fortnite than actually doing a good job.

So far so good... Jerry doesn't like Fortnite and he hasn't picked up and left yet. (Thank God!)

Not only does he keep Overtime running like a well oiled machine, he is also the voice of high school sports in the state of South Dakota and delivers award winning broadcasts from gyms and football fields all over the Sioux Falls area.

At ESPN 99.1 we are lucky to have a great co worker who is dependable, reliable and creative.

For me personally, I am honored to work with such a great dude who brings his A game every single day.

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