Jessenia Vice is a 28-year-old model from Elizabeth, N.J. You know those curvy, beautiful women you see writhing around on floors, cars and rappers in music videos? That's Jessenia Vice.

Jessenia Vice first gained fame by winning a Kim Kardashian look-a-like contest on 'The Tyra Banks Show' in 2009. She's gone on to appear in music videos with Fat Joe, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo, Phar City, Nelly and more. If you think that bumping around to the beat and doing shots of Patron while never losing your 'duck face' is easy, you should try it sometime, and then send us pictures.

Jessenia has also modeled for,, King,, and entered Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest. She's also appeared in many smaller regional print magazines like 'O.Y.E.,' 'Batchelor' (their spelling, not ours) and 'Lowrider.' These publications are not much different than 'Time' magazine, except less politics, social issues and foreign affairs and more hot, half-naked women. C'mon 'Time,' step it up!

As long as America has an appetite for voluptuous women, Jessenia Vice will stay very busy.

Height: 5’3” | Weight: 117 lbs. | Bust: 34B | Waist: 25” | Hips: 37"