Hump Day is upon us and here to help us make it to the weekend is Jessica Sherawat, from Resident Evil: Revelations. Let's jump into the Cosplay of the Day and check out her very unique outfit.

Jessica Sherawat is one of the supporting characters in Resident Evil: Revelations and has served as a partner for both Chris Redfield and Parker Luciani. She is of an extremely extroverted nature, as can be gleaned from her choice of mission outfit, and is somewhat of a femme fatale. It's tough to tell where her loyalties lie, but one thing is for certain: Jessica is dangerous.

This is Japanese cosplayer Aoi Takamura in Jessica's outfit from the game. It must get really breezy around that one exposed leg, but she'd know of its tactical advantages more than us. We particularly appreciate the steps take in these photoshoots to recreate the dank, claustrophobic atmosphere found in Resident Evil: Revelations, augmenting this cosplay to even greater heights.

Check out more of Aoi's cosplay outfits, a lot of which include Resident Evil characters, on her deviantART.

Aoi Takamura
LEWO saito
LEWO saito

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