Jim Corbett of USA Today joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime. 

Corbett is an NFL writer for USA Today. To hear his full conversation with Thurn, listen below:

Are the Dallas Cowboys using DeMarco Murray too much?

"You know I don't think you can say that. In the past, they didn't use him enough obviously. So, I think when you look at the dynamic of it and how its playing out, and how it all comes back to their glory years, for whatever reason. Jason Garrett, who was on two of those championship teams, and was a back-up to Troy Aikman, never really got that formula. This offseason what happened was seeing Tony Romo come off his second back surgery in eight months, it finally convinced him, to hey, we better protect this guy, 108 million dollars, 60 million guaranteed investment. They went the right way. It wasn't sexy. Jerry wanted and flirted with taking with idea of taking Johnny Manziel, No. 16 overall. Talking to Stephen Jones last week, when a couple of defensive guys wanted linebacker Ryan Shazier, and defensive tackle Aaron Donald weren't there. They went with the Notre Dame guard, who has played fantastic and should really be an offensive rookie of the year candidate, Zack Martin. You look at how much they run right, he's been a key...what DeMarco is doing. Travis Frederick from last year's draft, their top pick, the center has done a great job. It's everybody blocking and I don't think you dial it back. You try and keep him to about 26 touches a game, they probably went over a little bit over that the past game, but the idea was 28 carries for the record, first guy to get 100 yards at least in his first seven games and broke Jim Brown's 56 year old record, I believe it was 1958 with the Browns. So, I think you keep it going. Everything is coming off play action and when you look at the numbers, it was stunning, I hadn't really realized it during the game, Tony Romo was 10 of 10 for 168 yards with a touchdown on third down throughout the game. Everything is coming off of that third and manageable situation, where they put defenses in a bind and now they have more weapons when you see the breakouts of Terrence Williams, the guy who made that tip toe catch last week against Seattle when Romo made that spin move. He's fresh and getting Wednesday's off, and Escobar, their second year tight end, who everyone thought was a bust, he's broken out the last two games with two touchdowns, two against the Giants. I think Murray is the key to everything, the way he was once, he's just more dynamic."

Murray has 187 rushing attempts for 913 yards in seven games in 2014. He also become the first player in NFL history to rush for 100 yards in each of the first seven games.

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