Former head of officials for NFL Jim Daopoulos (@refereeJimD) joins Jeff Thurn on Monday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Daopoulos spent 11 years as an on-field official and 12 years as an NFL supervisor of officials. Listen to his full interview with Thurn right here:

Did the referees get it right by ruling Dez Bryant's catch incomplete in the Green Bay-Dallas NFC divisional playoff game? 

"Well Jeff according to the rulebook, they got it right. You know we can always discuss whether it was a catch. Whether you agree with it or you don't agree with it, you got to understand, it's the rule and they went exactly by what the rulebook said. Now maybe we need to change the rulebook, but for it to be a catch, Dez has got to complete the whole process and when he hit the ground, the ball came loose. I have people tweeting me, calling me and calling me all kinds of names, and saying he had three feet down and he was making this up. All that is irrelevant. What the rulebook states when's he's in contact with a defensive player, and trying to complete the process of catch going to the ground, he must keep possession of the ball. And what we used to do as officials, is we used to say, show me the ball. So when the play is over, they can hand you the ball. Show me the ball and he couldn't do that. He lost control of the ball and it was an incomplete pass. Probably people don't understand it, but it was done exactly right."

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