Former head of officials for NFL Jim Daopoulos (@refereeJimD) joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Daopoulos spent 11 years as an on-field official and 12 years as an NFL supervisor of officials.

He was on the field for Super Bowl XXXIII. That game was John Elway's last game. Daopoulos shared his thoughts on refereeing that game.

"It's the ultimate opportunity for officials. It's what you work for. It's a very emotional time. You set a goal to get to the NFL, and once you get there, it's great, but there's so few that have the opportunity to work the Super Bowl. Getting that opportunity was so unique. My 80-year old dad was there, along with my family, and it was a very, very emotional day. It's an experience I will never give up for anything else. I'll never forget it."

Daopoulos on any parallels between Elway's last Super Bowl and Peyton Manning in this year's Super Bowl.

"Absolutely. They talked about Peyton. I don't think he's planning on retiring, but this team, and every team is so unique, and every game as a player and official, you work the game as if it's your last opportunity and give it all you have. For both Elway, and Manning to out there right now, and for Peyton to work on his legacy, which I don't think is necessary, as he's established himself as the player he is. They go out there and they really want to win this game. I know John Elway wants to win this game. It's so unique to have played in this thing, and to be in an administrative position, it's very important to them.

To hear the rest of Daopoulos interview with Thurn, listen below: