Former Sioux Falls Skyforce and current Reno Bighorns head coach Joel Abelson joins longtime friend, Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime. 

Hear Thurn ask Abelson about his recent engagement, and discuss some basketball right here:

Abelson reflects on Dan Reed's tenure as NBA Developmental League President:

"How do you think he did on the job for your radio listeners or candidly? We'll do radio listeners. I think he did an excellent job. Look there were some highs and lows. Under his tenure, the league definitely grew exponentially. When you hear about David Stern being commissioner of the NBA and growing the game, I think a lot more can be contributed to Stern than the commissioner of the D-League growing the D-League. He did a good job, but franchise values have like quadrupled in the last five years and I don't know how much that had to do with him specifically. But I think he did a good job and actually felt like he grew a lot on the job and got better. Probably the last few years really when he came into his own and did some positive things. It's kind of like right when he grows into role, he leaves. There was some low life. I don't know if you remember the Michael Jordan impersonation that got Utah they did some thing with Byron Russell, the guy who Michael pushed on his last shot..They do this gimmick where there is going to be this one-on-one game at halftime of a Utah Flash game. It's going to go one-on-one, like the redemption of Byron Russell and Dan Reed sitting courtside and they bring out a Michael Jordan impersonator. They sellout the game. It's all over Utah and all over the place. It was like a big deal in Utah and he got like booed off the stage. Fans like ripped their tickets and demanded their money back and he was their courtside for wasn't all positive, Jeffrey."

Reed recently stepped down as President.

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(Photo by Jack Arent/NBAE via Getty Images)