Being a head coach in the NBA is more than just stalking the sidelines and giving motivational speeches.  Seemingly you have to be part chemist, acrobat and triage specialist all at the same time.  

When the goal is to win basketball games the pressure from fans, sponsors, agents, ownership and even detractors must be subdued by the head coach.  Then the focus during the game can be funneled toward split second evaluation in a given circumstance to put your team at an advantage.

This is a pretty long lead-in to the possibility of recent Skyforce call-up Tyler Johnson getting an opportunity to crack the Miami Heat lineup.  However, understanding what Coach Erik Spoelstra has to consider it may not be that easy.

Miami gives Johnson a 10-day contract, so you would expect Johnson to be utilized in some fashion.  Dwayne Wade tweaks his hamstring on Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Lakers and his status for a game with Golden State one night later is in doubt.

Next man up would be the rallying cry from the fan’s perspective.  Spoelstra has to balance the matchup featuring two of the premier guards in the league in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.  Considering an earlier season matchup against Boston when Wade was out due to injury, Spoelstra went with two listed guards in the rotation that night.

No doubt Sioux Falls Skyforce fans were delighted with Johnson’s exploits over the first 20 games of the season.  The translation to the NBA game will be a more complex endeavor.