Associated Press writer Jon Krawczynski joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime. 

Krawczynski (@APkrawczynski) covers the the NBA, and is an Vikings, Twins, Gophers, and Wild reporter for the AP in Minneapolis.

Krawczynski talks about the latest rumors surrounding Kevin Love and the Minnesota Timberwolves: 

"Yeah, I wish I had concrete things to say to you right now, but it is just really up in the air. I mean the impression I get right now is that the way things sit is it look like Love will still be a Timberwolf through the draft and that once free agency opens July 1st, you'll see more trade talk and probably a deal done sometime in the middle of July. That said, we are two days from the draft and Flip Saunders' phone is I know is ringing off the hook. All it takes is one phone call really to change the tenure of the negotiation to kind of get things rolling here. So, I wouldn't be shocked at all to see in move in the next 72 hours or so or however long it is until the draft, but right now it does seem like we are in a holding pattern and there is a little bit of a staring contest going on between the Wolves and the (Golden State) Warriors, and I think the (Cleveland) Cavaliers are trying to figure out if they want to get into this or not, and so, we are in the anything can happen stage right now."

Since LeBron James opted out of Miami this morning, Thurn asks Krawczynski if a James-Love-Kyrie Irving trio work in Cleveland? 

"Well, I think it would if you put those three together. I think they would very formidable, especially in the Eastern Conference where most of the teams are mediocre or terrible. I think that is a group together that could win a heck of a lot of games. You wonder a little bit defensively because Kyrie Irving is not a very good defender at all. Kevin Love certainly has his weaknesses on defense. But from a pure basketball play together standpoint, I think they all complement each other very well on the offensive side of the ball. So, I think it could be a success. Now, from the people I've talked to from Miami and across the league, I think most people expect LeBron to go back to Miami and stay there, but if there is one team he would leave for, I think everyone agrees that it would be Cleveland and certainly getting Love would help the Cavaliers cause immensely in luring him away from Miami."

To hear more of Krawczynski’s interview with Thurn, listen below:

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