After having his best season in the big leagues in 2012, New York Mets pitcher Jon Niese was named the Opening Day starter for his team, which begins the 2013 campaign against the San Diego Padres at Citi Field on Monday. Niese's secret to getting hitters out? His wife's underwear, of course.

Leah Niese, Jon's wife, told the New York Post recently that she has a special superstition she follows every time her husband pitches. When Jon's on the mound, Leah dons blue Mets' panties, an act she says helped propel Niese's ascent.

“I have lucky underwear — they’re Mets underwear…I go to every possible game that I can — because he does better when I’m there,” she said.

Skeptics (and sabermetricians) might suggest that Niese's improved WHIP ratio and ERA+ helped him succeed more than his wife's underwear, but these are the Mets and they'll take any advantage they can get. Perhaps if Jon hits a rough patch, Mrs. Niese will go commando and he can wear the undies under his uniform.