ESPN Radio’s Jorge Sedano (@SedanoESPN) joins Jeff Thurn (@jtespn991sf) on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime to discuss if Kevin Love gets traded? 

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Does Kevin Love get traded? 

"I guess it will happen in the next couple of weeks. They have to wait 30 days to trade Andrew Wiggins, but they can technically get the framework of the deal beforehand. Which I think they will do and before the 30-day window for Andrew Wiggins is up, we'll know, which my guess in the next week or two. Teams will deny it, but somebody like Chris Broussard..somebody will have sources and it will basically be a done deal at that point."

How is Miami Hurricanes football changed over the years?

"You know, I think it's just talent to be quite honest.Yeah, I do. Butch Davis recruited what I fault the best team in the history of football, college football. The 2001 Miami Hurricanes and I know the 1994 Nebraska people are mad about that. The USC people get mad about that. But I think the 2001 Miami Hurricanes are the best squad I've ever seen in my life, okay. You look at and they were almost three deep at every position. Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee and Frank Gore were your running backs. Ed Reed, Sean Taylor was a back-up. That is the type of squad you are dealing with. So, what I think is it is just talent. Larry Coker and Randy Shannon took different approaches. Larry became basically the guy that I am going to go after every five-star recruit, whether they are from Miami or not. That didn't work out. I mean, look at that time, I don't believe much in the star system. I think that some of it is a little overrated. At that time it was even worse, I felt. It wasn't until I saw, well now it's a little better is my point. Now I feel like their is more studying when it comes to that stuff. You get a little more detail and information in general nowadays because it's easier to access information. When Randy Shannon came in, he kind of went the other direction and ostracized some people. He basically told local coaches, went mostly local, which is what really got Miami on the map back in the 1980's, but what he did was basically ostracized people by telling your either a Hurricane or your not that he had told a few of the local coaches and kind of did them in. He put the eggs in one basket on a couple of kids from a local school, and that didn't work out. And Al (Golden) comes in and you say Al got's a plan, Al's going to make this work, and then he gets hit with the Shapiro thing. So, it's just been a tough road for them and one thing after the other. Tell you what, I'll give you one thing. I feel like my answer is going on and on, but one thing Miami has always had when they are dominant, and are Miami, is they have had a massive defensive tackle. Whether it's Warren Sapp, Russell Maryland, Cortez Kennedy, Jerome Brown, Vince Wilfork, or one of those guys. When Miami gets loaded, big guys up front that can dominate people and can take up two or three guys in some cases and those fast linebackers can run free and make plays, that's when Miami will be back to being Miami."

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