On Wednesday afternoon, Jeff Thurn visited with ESPN Radio's Jorge Sedano on Overtime from Radio Row in New York City.

Sedano is a radio broadcaster on ESPN radio, and co-hosts Sedano and Stink.

Sedano says the Miami Heat can overcome their January slump:

"Yeah, man. This is what you normally get in an NBA season. I was listening to LeBatard, and he made a good point, that for the last three years, what happened and was so unprecedented was for those guys to get together, everyone was treating their basketball games like a football game. Like every game mattered. When in essence, it's a marathon. It's 82 games. You shouldn't really focus on a one game situation or stretch of games. We've seen this before. Every January, they go through this mini-malaise, and then all of sudden, they will reel off 27 in a row and year before that, 20 of 21, I think. They always go on these crazy runs, and go back to, oh yeah, they are good again. We need stuff to talk about in January and when their malaise happens, that's usually where we go."


Sedano on how much credit Erik Spoelstra gets:

"I think he deserves more than he gets. As time has gone by, he's gotten more of it. One of things you have to look at, after he lost to Dallas, he scrapped the whole playbook and said, I'm going to build an offense around LeBron and just around his strength. He went to visit basketball coaches like Billy Donovan, and Coach K, and football coaches like Urban Meyer, and Chip Kelly at Oregon, and created a crazy space-and-pace offense that they play and help them flourish. They were like forget about playing traditionally, were a non-traditional team. Rebounds, we have to fight for as a team. The most important thing for us is creating space for the guys to penetrate using those shooters and on defense, creating havoc, and turnovers, and getting points off those turnovers."


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