Judd Zulgad of ESPN 1500 joins Tuesday's edition of Overtime to discuss the Kevin Love latest, and how the Minnesota Vikings are looking in Training Camp. 

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Did it surprise Zulgad after Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor 'waved the white flag,' this past weekend and said Love will be traded?

"You know it doesn't at this point and my argument and problem is no longer with the Wolves and Cavs. It's with the NBA. I can't find anybody who covers this league who can find any good real reason other than an archaic rule on the books that you have to wait 30 days to announce a trade. I don't understand why this league has the moratorium for I believe it starts July 1st and can't announce signings or trades until July 8th. And then when you sign your draft picks, they can't be traded for 30 days? I don't blame the teams at this point...it's a stupid rule and they should change it. It (the trade) should have been announced days ago there's no reason other than a dumb rule that somebody made up along the way and I don't know why they made it up."

What's been the biggest difference at Vikings training camp with new head coach Mike Zimmer? 

"Uh, very good question. I would say it's the coaching. Here's what I like about the coaching staff: the coaching staff is, how can I put this? They are far more blunt. It's not that they answer all the questions, but when they get questions they can't answer them, you get answers when you walk away, where you go, 'ok, they know what they're doing and what became, if this is the right term, the battle cry last year of Leslie Frazier, Bill Musgrave, and Christian Ponder. Two things: it's correctable and we will look at the film. That was a bunch of garbage. If you ask Mike Zimmer the same question that you asked the coaching staff last year, you get real answers. And I think they are doing real coaching now and I'm not saying the Vikings are going 12-4 or 11-5, but what I am saying is there a rime or reason now and the more I see (Teddy) Bridgewater and (Matt) Cassel practice, and make no mistake, offensively this is a work in progress, I am convinced these guys will not rush the rookie quarterback in. I think Teddy Bridgewater starts the season as a back-up, but I can tell you tell this, I think he's learning and that's more than I can say what happened with Christian Ponder. So, you have a rookie quarterback and when he is put in, I think he will be put in a position to succeed. And if Ponder gets the benefit of one thing and he's certainly a bust, he is a huge bust and I am not trying to defend him here, but he was not brought along here and Bridgewater will be and that's a good thing."

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