Judd Zulgad of ESPN 1500 joins Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime. 

Catch Zulgad’s (@1500ESPNZulgad) interview with Thurn below:

Does Zulgad agree with the Minnesota Vikings decision to allow Adrian Peterson to play Sunday against the New Orleans Saints? 

"Absolutely not. For me it starts with the way the Vikings handled the press conference. I thought they did the right thing on Friday. I think the way the acted on Friday was perfect. The guy is indicted for child abuse and he has to leave the team on Saturday and they immediately announced he was going to be inactive for the Patriots game. It was absolutely the right call. and what was so interesting within a 72-hour period, the Vikings did from doing the right thing to not even doing the wrong thing, but from completely botching the scandal and embarrassing themselves. I've covered this team for a long time, and I would argue I think I could make a case that the Vikings are top-five in pro sports when it comes to having put themselves in the last ten years or so or more if you think about it. in crisis management situations and I've never seen an organization that no matter who the coach is, the GM is if they have one, who owns the team is able to blunder and embarrass itself more than the Vikings on a consistent basis. They just never, ever, ever get it right."

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Sam Tastad/ESPN 99.1