We're big believers in quality over quantity over here at Arcade Sushi, and so sometimes we'll come across a cosplayer who might not have many photos or a wide variety of cosplays, but instead displays great mastery of their craft. We've found one such cosplayer who's got a cosplay for League of Legends' Katarina that's so good, we couldn't help but feature it as Cosplay of the Day!

Katarina, the Sinister Blade, is a deadly female assassin with an incredible amount of speed and an affinity with daggers. She's a pretty famous champion to use in the game and it's not hard to see why!

This is Tasha, a Korean cosplayer from the Spiral Cats cosplay team, wearing Kat's outfit and her signature daggers. We've featured Tasha in our 25 Hottest Cosplay Girls list and for good reason. There may only be a few pictures of this talented, beautiful cosplayer, but they are very high-quality photos of an amazingly-crafted costume.

Come check out her massive gallery of costumes on her WorldCosplay profile and be prepared to drop your jaw on the floor when you see her mind-blowing Sarah Kerrigan cosplay!


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