Most of the talking heads across this country have been overly critical of Johnny Manziel and his so called antics from their game in week one against Rice.

After Johnny "Football" served his suspension from the NCAA for the first half of the game, he entered in the second half and got to business.

Three touchdowns later and a victory over Rice, Manziel and the Aggies were off to a great start to the season right?

Ideally yes, but because of some over excitable refs, some less talented opponents and a media culture that's always ready to pounce on any sniff of a possible storyline, this was far from just a normal opening week win.

Did Johnny Manziel get benched by his coach Kevin Sumlin? Yes, in a meaningless blowout where Manziel probably wasn't going back in anyway.  Sumlin has to make a example without hurting his best player's feelings.

Did the media over blow how this would negatively impact his team and how it affects their chances to win? Absolutely, because think about this, when Johnny has faced criticism and adversity he hasn't struggled, he has thrived.  It wont hurt his team, his actions will probably only elevate his play after a week long brigade on his character.

Why do I enjoy and approve of Johnny Manziel's behavior?  I don't know about you, but for me, College Football is entertainment and Johnny Manziel is a great entertainer.  When College Football players continue to have to unfairly go through school without seeing dollar signs in their bank account, why not capitalize on your hype and showcase yourself.

What about the TEAM? Don't give me the argument as well that it needs to be about TEAM and not a individual. The Aggies teammates seem to love Johnny.  You see them hugging, embracing, bonding on and off the field.   Johnny and his teammates seem to be ok with the current arrangement.

As we move on this year, Johnny will continue to taunt opponents with his play and maybe even his words and actions.  Im ok with it.  I hope he continues to be flashy, it only adds to the entertainment value of a great game.  We'll see if the Aggies continue to win and we'll see if the mystique of Johnny Football continues along with it.