What's the most common complaint among women, it would have to be your man doesn't listen as well as you feel he should. Right?

Think about it ladies, how many times in the past month have you asked your guy the question, "Are you listening to me?" To which he replies, what? Oh yeah, I'm listening. What did you say again?

Ah, news flash! He tuned out. Especially if you've been talking longer than six minutes.

There's a new study out that just confirmed what you already know. The average man stops paying complete attention to what his wife or girlfriend is saying after just six minutes into the conversation. And that might be pushing it by a couple of minutes!

No need to worry ladies, I'm here to help.

According to the findings, there are a number of subjects that cause a guy to tune out quick, here are the biggies:

  • Talking about people he's never met.
  • Talking about your coworkers and other work related issues.
  • Talking about celebrities, in particular reality TV stars.
  • Anytime you mention fashion and shopping.
  • Other people's relationships.
  • What someone said or did on social media.
  • Bringing up what your horoscope said.
  • What you had for lunch.
  • Your feelings.
  • And a diet you're on or thinking about trying.

So basically it's anything that doesn't involve sex, food, sports, automobiles, hunting and sex!

Any conversation that doesn't pertain to one of those topics, and you can expect to get the "tune-out factor," which means while you're talking, he's more than likely wondering where the TV remote is hiding at.

So ladies, if you really feel the need to give him the latest update on what's happening on the "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Next time before you start, you might consider pouring an ice cold beer, grab a plate of chicken wings, slip into some slinky lingerie, and then spring the news on him that Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to jail for their part in a mortgage fraud scheme.

Somehow I think you'll stand a better chance of getting, and keeping his full and undivided attention. At least for a few minutes.

Source:Daily Mail