There will only be two members of the 2016 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame class as Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza got enough votes to secure their baseball immortality.

In fact, Griffey didn't just get enough votes, but he got the highest perentage of votes in the history of the game getting 99.3% of the votes.

You must get 75% of the votes to get in and Mike Piazza received 83% of the votes while no one else received enough votes in 2016.

The others that were close to making the cut were former Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell with 71.6% and former White Sox star Tim Raines with 69.8%.

The rest of the votes looked like this:

Trevor Hoffman - 67.3 percent
Curt Schilling - 52.3 percent
Roger Clemens - 45.2 percent
Barry Bonds - 44.3 percent
Edgar Martinez - 43.4 percent
Mike Mussina - 43.0 percent
Alan Trammell - 40.9 percent
Lee Smith - 34.1 percent
Fred McGriff - 20.9 percent
Jeff Kent - 16.6 percent
Larry Walker - 15.5 percent
Mark McGwire - 12.3 percent
Gary Sheffield - 11.6 percent
Billy Wagner - 10.5 percent
Sammy Sosa - 7.0 percent

You must receive at least 5% of the vote to stay on the ballot for another year so the guys below will not be on the ballot next year.

Jim Edmonds - 2.5 percent
Nomar Garciaparra - 1.8 percent
Mike Sweeney - 0.7 percent
David Eckstein - 0.5 percent
Jason Kendall - 0.5 percent
Garret Anderson - 0.2 percent
Brad Ausmus - 0.0 percent
Luis Castillo - 0.0 percent
Troy Glaus - 0.0 percent
Mark Grudzielanek - 0.0 percent
Mike Hampton - 0.0 percent
Mike Lowell - 0.0 percent
Randy Winn - 0.0 percent

This year we saw a solid increase in votes for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens who have been rumored to of used PED's at some point in their career.  Hopefully, the writers quit their sanctimonious stand on such players and get the best in the Hall which includes Bonds and Clemens.