Kevin Long, former center of the Tennessee Titans, joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1. Thurn is live from New York City from Super Bowl 48 on Radio Row all week.

Long on preparing for the Super Bowl as a player: 

"It was almost like a regular work week. We go 17 week's throughout the season. We slide back on Sunday's, come in on Monday's, Tuesday's your day off, and then start your regular work week. It's almost like that, except a little bit more chaotic because we fly back into town Sunday, go home, come back Monday for a itinerary meeting, pack, and then fly out to Atlanta. It was hectic as Tuesday was Media Day, and spent most of the day at the Georgia Dome. Wednesday, you start your regular work week. Meetings in the morning, tape, go practice, come back and eat, and do it again on Thursday."

Long on the Titans final drive against the Rams in Super Bowl, and falling short:

"We had found a way to win all year and if you polled everyone, we didn't think we were going to go down the field and not score. It took some exceptional plays. Luckily, for the offensive line, the defensive line was gassed with Kevin Carter coming out and pulling himself out. They weren't blitzing, they were their prevent defense which allowed us to get down field faster. We got a fortunate penalty when Steve scrambled, got a facemask, and that got us 15 extra yards. Obviously, the play where (Steve) avoids the sack and Kevin Carter, and makes the throw down the field makes the highlight reel material. So, we were used to making those type of plays throughout season, a couple two minute drills, the Music City Miracle, and we had a belief and everyone on the sidelines had no doubt we were going to score. To lose the last play of the game by a yard and a half, and stretch, I can think of that play over and over what if I did this or that. You want the outcome to be different every time you review it in your mind, but unfortunately ended up a yard short. But what a heck of a game."

Long on the match-up between Seattle and Denver:

"It reminds me of our Super Bowl when we played the Rams, a really high-powered, potent offense, and then, a really stout defense with a solid run on the other side of the ball. I'm an AFC fan from when I played. I think it's hard to beat Peyton when you give him two weeks to gameplan. The guy is probably already has 180 hours in the film room. I think weather permitting, if he gets on target, it's going to be hard to stop that offense."

To hear the rest of Long's interview with Thurn, listen below: