Behold the first new addition to the Killer Instinct roster! She's fast, she's fierce and she seems to be rocking some kind of spider motif. Let's all check out Sadira in action in her new trailer.

Double Helix Games has been hard at work on the game and now we get a peek at one of their newest creations. Sadira seems to be part of a group of women who wear Persian-inspired garb. She attacks with blades on her fists and forearms, turning her into a whirling dervish of slices.

She's the first new female addition to the Killer Instinct roster in a long time, but it wouldn't be a Killer Instinct game without Orchid. Luckily, if you watch the video all the way through to the end, you get a little glimpse of our favorite lady in green.

Watch the trailer above and look out for Killer Instinct when it launches with the Xbox One on Nov. 22.