Thirty years after the events of the original Killzone trilogy, the Helghast are up to their old tricks, and seek to conquer a new world.

Banished to Vekta, the Helghan people live a life of squalor on one side of a large wall. Kept from endangering the civilians and utopian city of Vekta on the other side, the Helghast have apparently had enough of this discrimination, and are looking to expand their borders.

The story trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall offers us our first real look at the politics at play during the onset of the invasion, and offer looks at the war from both sides. Not all Helghan people wish to attack, but in seeing early gameplay footage, we already know Shadow Fall will feature plenty of conflicts that can only be decided by a rifle.

Check out the trailer while you wait for Killzone: Shadow Fall to arrive on Nov. 15 alongside the PlayStation 4.