A new Killzone: Shadow Fall video shows us 15 minutes of gameplay and 4 different playstyles.

What's your flavor? Do you like running, gunning and going in loud when it comes to your shooters? Or maybe you prefer to be sneaky and remain unseen as you dispatch your enemies like some kind of vengeful phantom? The upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation 4 will allow you to mix and match tactics so that you can play the way you want and approach a situation from many different angles.

The video above is from the folks at Official PS Mag and illustrates how you can change up your tactics. It also shows off some gadgets and mechanics in Shadow Fall, such as the O.W.L., the tactical echo and adrenaline. The O.W.L. acts a smart drone that follows orders and can provide you with backup or cover fire. The tactical echo shows enemy locations through solid objects, but can also alert them to your presence. And adrenaline can be used either to help bring you back from the brink of death or pump you up so that you slow down time for a little while.

Watch the video and then get psyched for Killzone: Shadow Fall's release when the PlayStation 4 is launched on Nov. 15.