With a 1-4 start we all knew that the Lakers were off to a disappointing start.  They decided it was time to make a move and fire Mike Brown.

I applaud them for not letting more of the season get away from them and firing a clown of a coach on Friday.

Now they have a great opportunity to get the legend Phil Jackson back on their bench and lead this star-studded roster to what possibly could be a Western Conference title if their talent lives up to their expectations.

A lot of names have been floated around in regards to the Lakers opening, including Nate McMillan, Mike D'Antoni, Mike Dunleavy and even have heard some people calling for a reunion built for TMZ and that being Stan VanGundy reuniting with Dwight Howard in LaLa Land.

However, the ONLY name that needs to be out there is Phil Jackson!

It seems like after every dynasty run Phil puts together, he needs a year or so to re-energize his batteries before coming back to lead a group of stars to the promise land.

I don't need to tally off his championships, accomplishments or philosophies.  When you hear the name Phil Jackson, you think coaching legend and that's exactly what he is.

According to sources, the Lakers and Jackson are currently in talks revolving around travel, money and control.  In this situation, the Laker brass need to bow down to the Zen-Master and cave to whatever demands he has.

You must not let your ego get in the way of bringing back Phil Jackson, no way no how!

With a team is dismay, Kobe on the tail-end of a Hall of Fame career and a small window to capitalize vs. a younger, more athletic Miami Heat team who will be your potential foe in the NBA Finals, give yourself the best chance to win and re-hire Phil Jackson.