We may have seen Hall off Fame coach Larry Brown coach his final basketball game.

Italian Club Fiat Torino has decided to part ways with Brown after a 5-19 record this season Serie A League.

Now, over the illustrious career of Larry Brown, I thought we had seen him coach his final game on many occasions, but the basketball junkie has continued to take jobs and prolong his coaching career.

He has coached 13 NBA and ABA teams, while also holding the honor of being the only Hall of Famer to win both a NBA and College Basketball championship.

Brown won a NBA Championship with the Detroit Pistons and a National Championship in college with Kansas.

Brown isn't the only Hall of Fame coach to try his luck overseas, as embattled coach Rick Pitino recently took a job in Greece with Panathinaikos.

Pitino was fired during a FBI probe into college basketball last year.