ROME (AP) — The president of Lazio soccer club has visited Rome's main synagogue and promised a new anti-Semitism education campaign after fans plastered Rome's stadium with stickers of Anne Frank wearing crosstown rival Roma's jersey.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito sought Tuesday to disassociate the club from the hard-core ultra fans who plastered the stickers around the Stadio Olimpico during Sunday's Serie A game against Cagliari.

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Lotito said the club would be intensifying its efforts to combat racism and anti-Semitism and announced Lazio would organize an annual trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp with some 200 young fans to "educate them not to forget."

Lazio fans have a history of racist and anti-Semitic behavior, including a Lazio banner in the intra-city derby nearly 20 years ago aimed at Roma supporters that read: "Auschwitz Is Your Homeland; The Ovens Are Your Homes."

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