Lebron James, the reigning NBA Finals and NBA MVP recently said that he hasn't thought about NBA free agency in 2014.


Are we expected to believe that a global icon doesn't have a plan for his career?

Normally everyday people have goals, plans and make normal money, not millions of dollars like King James.

This is what got Lebron into trouble in the court of public opinion when he was waffling on where he was going to go the last time he went into Free Agency.  We all remember the "Decision" and even though I didn't have a problem with it, many NBA and sports fans did.

As far as PR is concerned, Lebron has never been given the best advice within his inner circles, that was obviously evident with the "Decision" and the way it was handled.  So this time around, Lebron needs to see the writing on the wall and although many fans have forgiven him because of his play on the court, he can't afford to go through that again.

When you look at the viable options out there in 2014, there are numerous other NBA stars that will be able to choose a new location, but how many actually will is a whole different question.

If Lebron does decide to leave Miami, the only other place I could see him being happy, having the large market and thriving on and off the court would be in LA, but not with the Lakers.  The Clippers to me would be the ideal fit.  Certainly there would have to be some movement on the roster and I'm not sure if Miami would entertain a sign and trade, but ideally for James, that would be the best fit.

Personally though, I think Miami is the best place for Lebron now and into the future.  Even if you want to revamp the "Big 3" and get rid of Bosh and Wade, Miami is way more attractive than other spots including Cleveland where some speculate he might end up.

Lebron is not leaving Miami for Cleveland, lets get that strait.  He's not going to leave Miami for Cleveland, NO ONE DOES THAT, not even people from Cleveland.

So we will wait and see if Lebron decides before the 2014 Free Agency period begins to either opt out or stay put.  Staying put is the best option, we'll see if King James makes the right decision.