For my generation, the name Darrell Royal may not resonate as it should with the masses who follow College Football in America.

A true visionary in the sport, the former University of Texas Head Coach is a classic example of a icon within a specific sport.

His passing today is a accurate depiction of a great loss for the sports world.

Winning three National Championship at Texas, Royal was able to put a stamp on his career as far as titles go, but as a Coach, his message and philosophies reach much farther than being a Championship winning coach and have sustained throughout decades.

He changed the culture around Texas Football as well.  Inheriting a team in 1957, that only won one game the previous year, he was able to turn the team around and begin a tremendous tradition with Longhorn Nation winning 11 Southeastern Titles.

In addition to being one heck of a coach, his visionary skills helped him invent the "Wishbone" offense, which is widely successful across all football landscapes.

Understanding the fact that I live, breath and dream sports, I know the history surrounding Darrell Royal and what he means not only to College Football, but more specifically Texas.

We see this all the time and its a shame that people my age, don't really get a history lesson about these football legends until their passing.

The way the game is played now is because of such greats as Coach Royal, and to really appreciate it, I encourage you to reflect on this man's legacy as well as educate themselves on the past.  This will bring to light how great football is today because of visionaries like Darrell Royal.