By Nick Gondoras

Nothing screams our patriotism quite as loud as Memorial Weekend. On this weekend we remember the ones we lost and the soldiers that have given the ultimate gift to our country, for our country! American Service men and women deserve more than just a thank you this weekend or on any given day you see them in their uniforms! The United States Military deserves a country that works just as well as they do in the field.

As Washington’s self imposed sequester starts to effect families, the poor and the Military.  Veterans are coming home to a government in particular a congress that should be court-martialed!

How do we say thank you to our Veterans? Start with healthcare for the rest of their lives for the Veteran and immediate family regardless of the time they served. It’s sad to see anyone struggle with paying their medical bills! In particular Veterans need attention to their mental and physical health well after serving. We teach our soldiers to fight and they get hurt for our freedom they deserve the finest treatment for that sacrifice.

As soldiers retire their careers paths need a transition into civilian life. This is a problem that needs to be addressed within the military, tech schools and our higher education system. These bodies need to coordinate a system of training that allows for college credit for skills learned in the military. The military also needs to change its training to conform to college criteria to help soldiers have a future after their enlistment. Soldiers are our future, we need to educate our future and give hope for life outside the service.

Last but not least when everyone comes home, hopefully soon! We don’t need our veterans coming home to a broken government, bad economy and no hope. With the midterm elections coming up we need to send a strong message to D.C., start functioning and if you’re the problem- 2014 will be your last year in congress.

I am not a veteran…my dad, brother, and brother in law are all veteran’s. The military provided a great life and future for all my family, it needs to do the same in the future for everyone that serves! Our country has a lot of work ahead to really thank our veterans and it all starts with better choices in politicians and giving what we can to say thank you to our vets.

To the one percent of Americans that serve our country thank you, you deserve the very best! Happy Memorial Day, the freedom you provide to everyone is priceless and much appreciated!

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