Lightning Farron, from the Final Fantasy 13 series, is just one of the latest role-playing game heroines to become an icon. With her fierce looks and unique style of clothing, she easily has a place as a Cosplay of the Day.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Lightning (no pun, we swear), is her light-pink hair and steely blue eyes. Oh, and the fact that she carries around a gunblade and wears badass armor. In Final Fantasy 13-2, she becomes a knight and looks much like a Valkyrie from Norse mythology. Whatever look she's rocking, we can all agree that she's one of the coolest-looking heroines in the history of gaming.

Here is Cyberlight, a French cosplayer who enjoys cosplaying as Lightning in all her forms. Her friends even said she looks a bit like the character, so it only made sense to cosplay her. It also doesn't hurt that Lightning is one of her favorite video game characters ever. We love that she's recreated Lightning's Valkyrie-like outfit from Final Fantasy 13-2 almost perfectly. The hair, the pauldrons, the gunblade and the shield all come together to make one awesome cosplay.

Take a look at more of her Final Fantasy 13 cosplay work on deviantART and let us know which of her outfits kick the most ass!

Mll Ayuko
Sashin Kaihi
Sashin Kaihi

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