Square's delivered a new bit of gameplay footage from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 showing off the outfit and accessory customization.

If you didn't know, Lightning Returns will continue the story of Final Fantasy 13 heroine Lightning on a quest to save the world under a strict deadline. The sequel features Lightning operating solo for the first time in the series, but she'll have a host of special abilities called Schemata to even out the playing field.

Schemata is tied to Lightning's attire and battle accoutrements, and in the footage above, you'll see just how much you'll be able to customize Lightning's clothes. In addition to stacking specific abilities to certain weapons or dresses, you can also alter the colors to better suit your needs or mood. It's a rather in-depth system, and one fans will likely appreciate.

Check out the video, and start planning your wardrobe now. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will be out on Feb. 11, 2014  for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.