After his last RFA fight, Devin Clark was approached by Dana White who asked him if he could fight at 185. Clark said yes and was immediately booked in the UFC.

Clark, a Sioux Falls native, is preparing for his UFC debut and he gets the opportunity to do so in his hometown. In preparation for the fight, he has had to cut back on his weight.

"I walk around at about 220. And that is when I was fighting at 205 and that was a natural cut. I've had to make some adjustments to my diet and training. Lot of chicken breast and switch it up with some pheasant once in a while. Eating clean, very clean."

The UFC has not officially announced what fights will be on the main card and the under card, but Clark knows his fight will be a bit earlier in the night.

"Like the 3rd or 4th fight. It will be pretty early for me. My last fight I fought at about 11:00 at night. Lot of adjustments for this fight."

His opponent for the night is Alex Nicholson, who is 0-1 in his UFC career and 6-2 overall. Clark isn't very familiar with Nicholson, but that is also common with upcoming fighters.

"He's 6-4 striker and a tough guy.  Outside of that I don't really know too much about the guy to be honest. He's had some amateur fights. He's 0-1 in his UFC fights so far so I know the pressure is on him to win this fight. If he doesn't win this fight his chances of staying in the UFC might not be too good."

As for Clark, the realization of his chance of getting to the UFC started with the success he has had in RFA.

"After the second fight with RFA I realized that this was a good platform to get noticed by the UFC. Thought maybe 2-3 fights before I got in, but Dana brought his show to town and things just worked out perfectly."

His last fight was in the main event with a title on the line. He then got the notice that UFC President Dana White would be in town. For Clark, the extra pressure didn't phase him.

"I was more motivated. So much more motivation with him there. There was a lot of pressure there but I seem to get in my zone once in there. I forgot he was there. Was in tunnel vision."

UFC Fight Night Sioux Falls takes place on July 13th at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. This is a huge event for the community. Tickets are still available for the show through Ticketmaster.