Jonathan "Jona" Leo is a Sioux Falls native, who has a very unique opportunity this weekend in Denver, Co.

He has the chance to set a World Record in the IPF/NAPF Regional Championships.

The International Power-lifting Federation (IPF) which consists of 7 regions, including the North American Power-Lifting Federation (NAPF) which Jona will be competing in this weekend, is considered the most illustrious and accredited in the world.

The IPF has the most stringent regulations and testing in order to secure it viability and discourage any sort of possible corruption or cheating.

Jona will be trying to set the World Record for bench press.

At the competition, there will be 3 judges from 3 nations in order to again, preserve the integrity of the competition especially because it is on American soil.

I have seen footage of Jona Leo bench 780lbs at a local gym here in Sioux Falls.

Currently the world record is held by a Ukrainian lifter who bench pressed 788lbs.

Speaking with Leo this week, he explains that he "truly feels" he can overtake that mark and become the new World Record holder.

We all here at ESPN 99.1 and in the Sioux Empire wish him the best of luck.