If you intend to drink and drive on New Year's Eve, Sioux Falls Police Captain Greg VandyKamp has a message worth hearing.

"We will be doing a saturation patrol. It's been done for every New Year's Eve and holiday event that involves alcohol. On New Year's Eve we will be putting seven additional officers out there working specifically the saturation effort. Obviously we are looking for impaired drivers, accident causing violations, seat belt violations---those sort of things. So aware!"

VandyKamp says the price is high if you're stopped for being under the influence.

"I was asked about an app that would actually dial an attorney if you're stopped for DWI and records it. My advice is before you need that app--get somebody and get a ride. That's a much better choice."

If you plan to drink New Year's Eve, VandyKamp urges you to designate a sober driver to make sure, you, and everyone with you, arrive home safely.