SIOUX FALLS - A man police say had a high level of intoxication was arrested Thursday night after he allegedly pulled two knives on three other men at a party in central Sioux Falls.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says 44-year-old Keith Horned Eagle was drinking with the other men in the 500 block of South Second Avenue around 9:45pm Thursday. Clemens says Horned Eagle, identified as a transient, registered a blood alcohol level of .528, or more than four times the legal limit.

Information Officer Sam Clemens:

He was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, although none of the three men was injured.

The knives were described as kitchen knives, one with a four-inch blade and the other with an eight-inch blade.

Horned Eagle was taken to a Sioux Falls hospital for treatment of a cut on his nose, which he was believed to have sustained in a fall.