This isn't just Man vs. Food. This has become Man vs. The Rock. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has crafted a daily meal plan that would be tough for anyone to conquer.

The Rock has almost made himself into an actual rock. While prepping for movie roles such as Hercules and his latest San Andreas, the People's Champion would work out for countless hours of the day and eat whenever not in the gym.

His diet clocks in at an astonishing 10 pounds worth of food. Johnson opened up full details of his diet to Muscle and Fitness. Let's just say it includes 36 ounces of cod, two whole eggs, eight ounces of both steak and chicken, plus even more.

So naturally someone decided to give the diet plan a shot and it didn't go over too well. The man deserves massive props, as it is made known early that he hates cod. He created a video to document his day while attempting to conquer the diet.

Will warn you that there is some vulgar language used in the video and is NSFW. Then again, if I had to eat 36 ounces of cod I would probably swear even more than what happens in this video.