New details about Mario Party: Island Tour give us a preview of the kinds of multiplayer fun we can expect from the portable title.

Wednesday's Nintendo Direct gave us new information about Mario Party: Island Tour, the upcoming multiplayer game for the Nintendo 3DS. Are you looking to pick it up but are unsure whether or not your friends will do the same? Don't sweat it, since you'll be able to use the Download Play option to play a bunch of mini-games with your friends using only one game card. You'll be able to play through the 80 mini-games, all of which are designed with portable play in mind. Download Play also grants access to Free Play Mode, Hot Air Hijinks and other puzzles and extras.

As for the single-player portion of the game, players can jump into Bowser's Tower and take on a slew of mini-games as they ascend 30 floors of the huge structure. You'll have to defeat a boss every 5 floors, so get ready to play to win.

With Street Pass, you can play mini-games with up to 10 tagged players. Their mini-game data will be available for you to challenge the next time you load up the game.

Mario Party: Island Tour will be available for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 22.