Bleacher Report's Matt Bowen joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime.

Bowen currently writes for Bleacher Report and used to play in the NFL for seven years. He played for the Rams, Packers,  Redskins, and Bills.

Bowen on the legacy of John Elway:

"I think it would be outstanding. You bring up a good point. You're talking about a guy who has two Super Bowl rings, and then to get another Super Ring as an executive. I mean, how many guys can say that? Is there anybody? That speaks to his leadership, you know, playing quarterback in the NFL is one thing. You talk about his passing numbers, the statistics, how many wins they've had, but to play quarterback in the NFL, you are the leader whether you want to be or not. You know when you're in the locker room, with the team's I've played on, in the fourth quarter, who are you looking at, the quarterback. Go make a play for me. I think he's taken that and parlayed that into building a football team."

To hear more of Bowen's interview with Thurn, listen below: